🇦🇪 what kind of fish is this????? by pboy
what kind of fish is this?????


2023 years ago by pookoyikal
looks like seabream
2023 years ago by Meril
I think these are Sharies .. There are pink ones as well.. some are small but some are big as a frying pan .. I catch them in dubai
2023 years ago by saif747
this called deneeis
2023 years ago by hu1john
ano pain gamit mo sir?
2023 years ago by mhamad
this is a shoam fish... this is my favorite fish... from where u cought it?
2023 years ago by ghaisudden
Its a seabream, In arabic its called Sham. From what i have caught & know in UAE waters there are 3 types of seabreams. Sliver, Drak grey & Silver Gray with yellow fins Khuram
2023 years ago by pboy
@mhamad... in al bateen but unfortunately its closed now.. @ghaisudden... thanks for the info!
7 years ago by John Marino
It is called a porgy caught up in the New York new Jersey and long island. Area

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