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First, fish off the Florida Keys started swimming in spirals or upside down. Then, endangered sawfish started dying. Scientists are racing to figure out why.
Thirteen years ago, a stork landed on a fisherman’s boat looking for food. He has come back every year since, drawing national attention.
A bill that would add people who don’t hunt to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board has stirred an outcry in a state known for both progressive politics and rural traditions.
Trevor Penny was magnet fishing in an English waterway near Oxford when he pulled out a rusty sword. Experts say it’s a Viking sword that is probably more than 1,000 years old.
Andrew Blair Howard was found with a shovel at the site of a newly created channel at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, prosecutors said.
Jogging in a T-shirt in Minnesota in December? A scientist called the rare string of balmy days “a visceral feeling of what climate change looks and feels like.”
All day long, James Kane tosses a giant magnet into New York’s murkiest waters. There’s got to be money in there somewhere.
At the Becoming an Outdoors Woman workshop, no one feels uncomfortable discussing the ick factor of live fishing bait.
Great Father and son day on the Trinity River in Palestine, Texas July 16, 2023. My son, Air Force Lieutenant Andrew Jordan Grove landed this 218lb, 7
Warming waters and other factors along the state’s rivers like the Big Hole appear to be contributing to alarmingly low numbers of the state’s renowned rainbow and brown trout.
Spinner bait fishing for pike and caught this lunker at Valens Lake in Ontario, Canada.
My name Is D.C. My backyard resides on the East Sacramento Delta. Anyhow, I was throwing a 9 inch Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper (red and white in color).
A mainstay of the commercial fishing industry, menhaden are the primary food source for all sorts of fish and birds along the Eastern Seaboard.

Oct 25, Just A Schoolie, 26 Oct 2021, 10:00 am

I had an opportunity to revisit my passion for striper fishing this year, and oh what a season it has been! I caught this schoolie first cast at 6:00
I live in Oklahoma and have been fishing ever since I could walk. I've fished the Washita River all my life and have heard of big fish coming out of there,
Big game Fishing Charter Mahi Mahi offers you a great vessel. Trojan open fishing 34 ft, twin yanmar engines 400HP for offshore fishing adventures on
I bought this fishing reel - D.A.M. 5202 for 10 dollars, and I just want to know how much it's worth...? Thank you in advance.

Apr 17, D.A.M. Quick 45 Fly Reel, 18 Apr 2020, 2:48 pm

Recently purchased a D.A.M. Quick 45 fly reel without any history. Can someone give me a little background age, etc.?
Just found this at a yard sale. Reel looks like new. Box and owners Manual in fair condition after years of being stored in a tackle box. Just wondering
I have an old True Temper rod an I want to get a spincasting reel for it, but the feet on the Zebcos are a hint short. What brand has a longer foot? It
We have a group of girls/ladies who don’t mind gettin’ into some tough situations on the shorelines of Lake Tawakoni, TX. We bring in anywhere from 5
When looking for the best crappie fishing poles, high quality equipment doesn't mean it should be expensive. Shopping tips for anglers buying light weight panfishing tackle.

Aug 27, Whopper Of A Bass, 28 Aug 2019, 9:06 am

So, I just bought my fishing license for the first time (2 weeks prior to this fishing adventure). I went to the local community park called VanderYacht
Questions and answers about the 3000 model series of DAM Quick reels. The 3001 and 3002 seem to be favored by fishing enthusiasts and collectors.
Crappie crankbaits are exciting for catching panfish, perch, bluegill, small sized smallmouth and largemouth bass. Top name brands. Favorite color patterns. Shallow diving, mid range, deep diving.
Freshwater fishing magazines are one of the best ways to acquire new updates around the angling community. Well written articles by real anglers and enthusiasts
There's a huge variety of salmon fishing rods. Choosing the best salmon pole ultimately depends on the style of fishing. Quick list of the kinds to select from.
Fishing tackle bags are extremely comfortable and versatile. Multifunctional tackle bags and packs provide nice organization. Consumer reviews and ratings info.
Smallmouth creek fishing tips, techniques, tactics, and recommended tackle. Catch a few small smallmouth bass, but the big bronzebacks hang out in feeder creeks too. Catching smallies in a stream.
These jig fishing tips are guaranteed to induce ferocious strikes! Fishing jigs for largemouth bass absolutely great for flipping and pitching heavy cover, enticing lethargic stubborn fish to bite.