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Two competitors stuffed walleye with lead balls in a scheme that was caught after the tournament director and attendees grew suspicious.
Anglers are counting down to the opening of the fishing season on Rotorua's renowned lakes and hoping to hook some hard-fighting trout.Thousands of anglers are due to hit Lake Rotoiti, Lake Okataina and Lake Tarawera at 5am tomorrow...
A fight along Colorado’s waterways pits an alliance of white-water rafters and amateur anglers against some of the nation’s wealthiest landowners, bruising the image of a sportsman’s paradise.
Pandemic boredom led people to seek thrills by tossing powerful magnets into lakes and rivers. They found buckets of scrap metal, and the occasional grenade.
He turned bass fishing into a professional sport with the championship Bassmaster Classic and other tournaments, using his showmanship skills to excite fans.
In Homosassa, a tiny town along Florida’s Gulf Coast, the famed artist created some of his most luminous watercolors, capturing an area rich in aquatic life.
She hooks tree branches, slips on rocks, and shines a light on the topics nobody talks about in her sport.
The act of fishing in Los Angeles seems almost defiant: a tranquil outdoors activity against a backdrop of concrete, litter and highway overpasses.

The Joy of Fly Fishing in Italy, 11 Nov 2021, 4:32 am

Italy is not often mentioned as a fly fishing destination, but the wonder of Italian alpine fishing is now making itself known.

Oct 25, Just A Schoolie, 26 Oct 2021, 10:00 am

I had an opportunity to revisit my passion for striper fishing this year, and oh what a season it has been! I caught this schoolie first cast at 6:00
Barramundi is a popular freshwater fish found in Northern Australia. Fishers love to catch barramundi for sport because they put up a good fight in the water. Catching a barramundi fish is one of the best experiences an Australian fisher could ever have.
The state is imposing more restrictions on fishing this year as the combination of extreme conditions, including low river levels, fish die-offs and the crush of anglers, poses long-term problems.
To keep the city’s angler party-boat scene alive, this year is about accommodating those who don’t necessarily fit a sailor’s stereotype.
I live in Oklahoma and have been fishing ever since I could walk. I've fished the Washita River all my life and have heard of big fish coming out of there,
Fishermen need planner boards to reach depths inside the water, which is otherwise unreachable with a fishing line. This is a useful tool for fishing and thus, a modern fisherman should know the procedure of fixing a planner board system on his fishing boat. The advantages of using the planner board are also discussed in this article, for which the cost of installing this system is justified for a passionate fisherman.

Top Tips to Buy Fishing Carts, 9 Jun 2020, 1:12 am

The role of a fishing cart is to help you carry all the fishing equipment you need for the day at your desired location. In these units, you can carry a lot of fishing stuff, such as coolers, hooks, poles, and so on. Let's find out more about these units Benefits of a Fishing Cart Given below are a few benefits that you can enjoy if you invest in a good fishing cart.
Big game Fishing Charter Mahi Mahi offers you a great vessel. Trojan open fishing 34 ft, twin yanmar engines 400HP for offshore fishing adventures on
I bought this fishing reel - D.A.M. 5202 for 10 dollars, and I just want to know how much it's worth...? Thank you in advance.

Apr 17, D.A.M. Quick 45 Fly Reel, 18 Apr 2020, 2:48 pm

Recently purchased a D.A.M. Quick 45 fly reel without any history. Can someone give me a little background age, etc.?
Just found this at a yard sale. Reel looks like new. Box and owners Manual in fair condition after years of being stored in a tackle box. Just wondering
I have an old True Temper rod an I want to get a spincasting reel for it, but the feet on the Zebcos are a hint short. What brand has a longer foot? It

Apr 17, 35 Pound Monster Catfish, 18 Apr 2020, 2:27 pm

Dave Kuykendall caught a 35 Pound Monster Flathead Catfish in Inwood, West Virginia.
We have a group of girls/ladies who don’t mind gettin’ into some tough situations on the shorelines of Lake Tawakoni, TX. We bring in anywhere from 5
Bass fishing in the spring If you live in the Northern part of the US like I do, early season Bass fishing is something hard to wait for. We spend several months looking at frozen lakes, and weather too cold to do much of anything outside. Open water and anticipation of the opening of Bass season gets me excited.
This article is about a little-used bass lure that catches tons of fish. This lure is also a great lure for other fish like Pike, Muskie and Walleye. Check out the Johnsons Silver Minnow and see what you have been missing.
When looking for the best crappie fishing poles, high quality equipment doesn't mean it should be expensive. Shopping tips for anglers buying light weight panfishing tackle.

Aug 27, Whopper Of A Bass, 28 Aug 2019, 9:06 am

So, I just bought my fishing license for the first time (2 weeks prior to this fishing adventure). I went to the local community park called VanderYacht
Questions and answers about the 3000 model series of DAM Quick reels. The 3001 and 3002 seem to be favored by fishing enthusiasts and collectors.
This is a short review devoted to fishing in the spring. The information will be useful both for beginners and for fishing enthusiasts. Have a nice day!
Crappie crankbaits are exciting for catching panfish, perch, bluegill, small sized smallmouth and largemouth bass. Top name brands. Favorite color patterns. Shallow diving, mid range, deep diving.