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I kept seeing people in Sydney carry spearguns to and from the ocean. To understand why, I held my breath and dived in.

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He became a champion in sport fishing while in his 20s and went on to found a leading company in the manufacture of spearfishing and diving gear.

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A spike in cases of food poisoning has been linked to people consuming raw mussels from the Coromandel area. New Zealand Food Safety is urging people to ensure they cook raw mussels thoroughly, as raw or undercooked mussels can...
Fishermen need planner boards to reach depths inside the water, which is otherwise unreachable with a fishing line. This is a useful tool for fishing and thus, a modern fisherman should know the procedure of fixing a planner board system on his fishing boat. The advantages of using the planner board are also discussed in this article, for which the cost of installing this system is justified for a passionate fisherman.

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The Republic of Seychelles comprises 115 islands 900 miles off the east coast of Africa, 1,800 miles northeast of Madagascar. The Seychelles is world renowned for its saltwater fly fishing, and there’s no better place to experience it than Alphonse Island, a five-star fishing lodge in the outer islands.

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The role of a fishing cart is to help you carry all the fishing equipment you need for the day at your desired location. In these units, you can carry a lot of fishing stuff, such as coolers, hooks, poles, and so on. Let's find out more about these units Benefits of a Fishing Cart Given below are a few benefits that you can enjoy if you invest in a good fishing cart.

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Regardless of what’s happening above water, striped bass already know their springtime routine: Spawn inshore and then migrate north. However, with the species undergoing great scrutiny now and regulations changing—on top of a worldwide pandemic for the human population—we wanted to know what anglers are seeing on the water and what some experts project for the future, as the peak fishing months loom.

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Fishing with his adult son for the first time, the author wonders if the pandemic will be remembered as the time we were distancing and yet simultaneously being drawn closer together.
When it comes to fishing destinations in Mexico’s Baja California, Cabo San Lucas receives much of the attention. Yet about 100 miles north, on the picturesque east coast of Baja, lies the city of La Paz, the territorial capital of Baja California Sur, with some of the finest fishing in the Sea of Cortez.

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