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Catch of the day by soulmate


LADY-ANGLER - Aug 22, 2015
Wow, where in Abu Dhabi? Which shore?
soulmate - Aug 22, 2015
Abu Dhabi, ICAD 3.
LADY-ANGLER - Aug 22, 2015
Thanks, quite far from where I live. I used to fish at Mina, but they blocked the area some years ago. Then I tried near Hodaiyat Bridge and now they blocked that too. :(
soulmate - Aug 22, 2015
Well, I used to go there in Mina shore and down to the saadiyat bridge but it needs big luck bcz I have experienced waiting whole 6 hours to catch small grouper :(. But in ICAD3 shore you get a lot of fish usually small silver grunts and you will enjoy it.
LADY-ANGLER - Aug 22, 2015
Thanks for the interesting information. Maybe I will try to go there someday.
soulmate - Aug 23, 2015
Good luck.
LADY-ANGLER - Aug 24, 2015
One question .... is it a safe place for ladies to go there for fishing? As I have seen only a lot of menfolk in ICAD - no ladies.
Jakes - Aug 24, 2015
Good morning, could you please give directions to this ICAD 3 where you are fishing, Please. Jakes
sultanof - Aug 30, 2015
Hello Soulmate,

Nice catch and thanks for sharing the below information. requesting you to share us the direction to ICAD 3 as i don't know this place also is it safe for family because i used to go with my wife and kids.

soulmate - Aug 31, 2015
@sultanof @LADY-ANGLER, usually on Fridays the place is crowded with families and people from various nationality. But these days due to hot weather family presence is nil. Still, I feel it is safe.

@Jakes, the GPS coordinates are from 24.284143, 54.432056 to 24.252406, 54.365689

If you do not have GPS then enter the road to ICAD || that comes after Musaffah Shabiya bridge then keep driving following the road marks for Gypsemna/Emirates Float Glass/Ali & Sons Marine Eng. Take left from the last roundabout after Ali & Sons and take immediate right on the cut towards the sandy road. The road goes till the shoreline.
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