🇦🇪 Fishing in Abu Dhabi with FRIENDS by emraan707
Fishing in Abu Dhabi with FRIENDS


2020 years ago by atoma5000
Hi Emraan nice catch,, Where is this location in Abu Dhabi?
2020 years ago by hashim
Hi ..... catch can you pleae share your location in Abu Dhabi. I have plans this friday to visit from dubai it will be great help Thanks Tariq
2020 years ago by emraan707
thanks, The location is Abu Dhabi behind Armed forces club.
2020 years ago by waheedzaf
This must be at musaffah bridge. But now a day there is nothing there. Last 5 weeks I tried bu no luck. Please crrect if I am wrong.
2020 years ago by emraan707
Yes my dear but i this picture is year 2010, in these days i try twic but now mostly small fish..... Now in these days i will try to Yas Island Bridge.. try my luck this week...

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