🇦🇺 Bellambi Snapper by dixie1deans
Bellambi Snapper


2020 years ago by rodsrentals
No Bag Limits ??
2020 years ago by dixie1deans
The limit for snapper is 10 fish per person with the size being 300 mm. I took home my bag limit and released another 20 to 30 odd others... All of the fish I took home were either eaten that night or over the next few days by my family or friends so not one of these fish went to waste... If I feel the fish will not be eaten I don't take them home..
2020 years ago by AllFish
Hi Dixie1deans, Great Snchapper where do you fish ? Cheers Allfish NZ
2020 years ago by dixie1deans
Hi Allfish Nz, These were caught out Bellambi/Stanwell Park which is north of Wollongong in Sydney Australia bro...

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