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Buy a kid a fishing rod, and he can feed and entertain himself for life! However this little kid landed a 40cm Bream on his first cast! by TandegerineDreamMachine


itsaboat - Jan 9, 2018
Good going there young man :) Well done!

I caught my first fish in the same the Cooks River when I was 5 years old and I am now 54...So that was 49 years ago.

It is will feed you for life !! About 25 years ago I went through a rough patch. No job and no money, but I had a fishing rod. For 3 months Lake Illawarra kept me fed. I never went hungry.

I am living proof that fishing is not just a great sport but it can save your life !!

Actually, thinking about it, it was 1990 so 28 years ago...In hind sight I now know the best thing my ex-wife every did for me was walk out that door and never come back. Sure I was knocked off my feet but it only took 3 months and I was standing again. If it was not for fishing I don't think I would be here. Fishing saved my life.
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