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Calamari by Coyote.


dazzling79 - 02/25/2019 01:40
Looks amazing! I love them. I wish I could catch them too.
Coyote. - 02/25/2019 02:03
I was in my boat but people catch them from the break wall. This is off the St Vincent marina at Wirrina, South Australia.
There must be somewhere in NZ to catch them from the shore.
dazzling79 - 02/25/2019 02:09
I know there are a few spots for squid fishing especially at night time with right gears. I tried some time ago but no successes. I did near harbour and jetties with squid jigs with different colours.
Coyote. - 02/25/2019 02:20
Look for Ribbon weed. Squid like to hide in it to ambush their dinner. You should just go for a drive and look at the jetty's for people catching squid. Maybe even youtube search NZ land based squiding. Check this recipe for Salt and Pepped Calamari.
Cheers and enjoy the fishing.
Basspro4200 - 02/25/2019 06:55
Good bait
Coyote. - 02/25/2019 07:23
Yes I keep the heads and tentacles for bait but keep the tubes for eating.
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