🇦🇺 Stingray Caught In Tumbulgum by Jackson04
Stingray Caught In Tumbulgum


10 months ago by Jackson04
Sorry about the bad photo
10 months ago by dazzling79
Really? No tail? Maybe it has been caught once before and released?
10 months ago by Jackson04
Yeah, that’s a likely possibility. I think stingrays tails grow their whole life. So hopefully this guy can get his tail back.
10 months ago by Mark Totzke
I recently read somewhere that at some beaches in the US lots of stingrays swim around without tails as when people catch them they just cut of the tail to avoid being stung and release them back, claiming it doesn't harm them. It seems cruel to me and also removes their natural defence from other predators. I also read that some people only cut of the stinger barb and then release them - also to prevent being stung. Supposedly the barb grows back.
10 months ago by Jackson04
I’ve never heard of that but it does seem cruel. Because all you have to do is flip the stingray and put a rock on its tail while you get the hook out and then take the rock off and flip back in the water. No harm done. Cutting their tail off shouldn’t be allowed because it’s basically like killing them because if their in trouble they have no defences like you said.
6 months ago by Wendy MeBears
We spent many nights on the Tweed river catching these buggers. Released of course!

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