🇦🇺 Fitzroy River Barramundi. by Andrew Carson
Fitzroy River Barramundi.


3 months ago by dazzling79
omg!! A great catch! Well done man!
3 months ago by Andrew Carson
The recommended fishing times have been working well for me.
3 months ago by fish21
great catch , is it over a meter?
3 months ago by sallad61
I reckon about 105cm & 30lb?, real good fish
3 months ago by Andrew Carson
94 cm, 10.5 kg by my scales (not very good scales) caught on a Reidy's Hellraiser lure.
3 months ago by sallad61
had 1 bit smaller in the net on the Daly with inch tooth mark in it from a big croc, in 85 pro fishing!only had large screwdriver & machete,25hp dinghy to go round checking nets every tide change. things you do when ya young
3 months ago by Gloria van der westhuizen
Dream fish buddy
3 months ago by Mick.e

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