🇦🇺 Mackie by Wibby


2 months ago by itsaboat
That is a decent size Spanish Mackerel. Did you get it on the east or west coast ?
2 months ago by john1178
I beg to differ. That is ONE HUMONGOUS Mackerel. Congratulations!!!!!!
2 months ago by Wibby
It’s from the north west area.
2 months ago by Wibby
Thanks John1178. Back to work now with some great fish and memories.
2 months ago by dazzling79
A great catch!! Well done man! A big fish from wild west
2 months ago by Bubba
I agree, super catch! That is a very strange looking shore there. Is there a name for it? It looks very difficult to stand on. Hope you get more fish.
2 months ago by dazzling79
yeah, interesting shoreline with golden rocks. Did you get another one, on the bottom left side of the photo?
2 months ago by Wibby
Yes daz, 2 on the last morning. We both bagged out. Take care, Wibby
2 months ago by Gloria van der westhuizen
You didn't give us a weight?
2 months ago by Wibby
Nah Gloria. No scales....

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