🇦🇺 Mangrove Jack by John Needham
Mangrove Jack


1 year ago by dazzling79
On a lure? Amazing how the shark passed by your feet. Did you get scared?
1 year ago by John Needham
Not really, just more surprised. I just thought ‘bloody hell there’s a shark’ and ‘bloody hell it’s back again’. I think the advantage of not growing up in Australia is I don’t appreciate how dangerous it is!
1 year ago by John Needham
Yes it was on a Gulp minnow lure. Caught 2 tarpon and this Jack but actually dropped 4 other decent fish. One took off like a train so I was glad that spat it as I only fish light.
1 year ago by Mark Totzke
haha maybe it was the shark that took off like a train :) Do you know what kind of shark it was?
1 year ago by John Needham
I've all on knowing what fish I've caught nevermind identifying sharks in the dark. I might've shit myself a bit if it was a Croc mind you.

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