🇦🇺 Snapper by John Needham


1 week ago by Mark Totzke
what a great catch - really difficult to play and land such a big fish on light tackle around the rocks. Great start for 2022
1 week ago by dazzling79
Wow! A decent snapper! Nice catch mate!
1 week ago by itsaboat
Awesome catch for off the rocks. Where was it?
1 week ago by Kerry Roberson
Beautiful fish and great catch :) Jelly
6 days ago by John Needham
It was at Mindarie Marina to the north of Perth.
6 days ago by dazzling79
Western Australia! A place to be for a fisherman! 👍
6 days ago by itsaboat
Great part of the world. Just a day trip south of Steep Point :)
5 days ago by John Needham
Yes we finally managed to get out here once ReichMarshall McGowan opened the borders. Must admit it's tough going fishing around Perth so hoping to get out up the coast for a bit.
5 days ago by Mark Totzke
I thought fishing around Perth is pretty good. Why do you think it's tough?
5 days ago by John Needham
It’s probably decent if you’ve got a boat but the harbours are heavily fished as they’re the only decent structures around to get you offshore. The wind in the afternoon/evening can be a bit of a pig too.

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