🇨🇦 A nice 5.5# rainbow trout by PT Edward fisher
A nice 5.5# rainbow trout


9 months ago by dazzling79
Yes! Definitely worth it! (but I noticed you are fishing in Canada😂 and it's December now😭 Ouch!) A beautiful fish! Great work, man!
9 months ago by PT Edward fisher
Thanks Dazzling79. I tried again this morning (Friday 0745 hr). I had a good one on for a minute or 2 and it spit the hook. An hour and 1/2 later in a ripping south wind I had another big one on for a few minutes and it cut my line by the hook with its teeth. I had 4 layers of clothing on and the high wind still got through, so I went to Canadian Tire and bought a new jacket and new Longjohns. Tight lines!
9 months ago by Mark Totzke
brrr, sounds very cold.

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