🇨🇦 Chinook Salmon by saxman17
Chinook Salmon


9 months ago by dazzling79
A great catch!
9 months ago by Bubba
Beautiful catch. Where is that, B.C.?
9 months ago by saxman17
Granville Island Vancouver, caught off mouth of Capilaino River.
9 months ago by saxman17
The guide on our trip went to the rod at 10 to 6 and started to say that's all for today, I saw the other rod bouncing and it was my Son's turn. The guide (Gordie from Bon Chovy) grabbed the rod and set the hook handing the rod to my son the line started to pour out as this fish ran. Gordie said I think it is a seal or a bigfish! For reference my son is 6 ' 1' and 260 lbs. This fish is easy 30 Lbs. Gordie is a great guide !
9 months ago by Bubba
I' sure that you'll do it again. I fish the N. end of the St. Clair river in Point Edward, Ontario. This is the worst year in the last ten years for shore fishing. The water is at record high level and high flow rate (4.0 MPH) and the fish don't like it. We're praying for water levels to drop!
9 months ago by mte48

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