🇨🇦 14 lb rainbow trout by Tromartin
14 lb rainbow trout


6 days ago by Mark Totzke
Wow, really good size. Did you troll with a down rigger?
6 days ago by Tromartin
Not for this one. Just bucktail on the surface. No weights.
5 days ago by Mark Totzke
Cool. I often troll a wooly bugger behind the kayak with good success. Also just on the surface.
5 days ago by Tromartin
Cool. Its a fun way to catch them, nothing on the line. Very exciting!
5 days ago by dazzling79
A great catch mate! Looking good!👍
5 days ago by john1178
That, to me, is a CATCH IF A LIFETIME!!!!! I am jealous and wish you continued success. I think it may be time to buy a lottery ticket ( if Canada allows it)👍

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