🇪🇷 Abu Dhabi fishing by jerome
Abu Dhabi fishing


2021 years ago by aruncs
Hi Jerome Merry Xmas and a nice king which is still my dream
2021 years ago by hashim
Dear Jerome, awesome i'm coming all the way from dubai to my friends place to Abu Dhabi i'll be thankful if you could please let me know the location where you have cought this fish and posted the image highly appriciate.
2021 years ago by jerome
sorry for the late reply hashim, it's in heritage park Abu Dhabi heading to Abu Dhabi theater
2021 years ago by nuditha@gmail.com
Hi Jerome, Nice catch.. I would like to go for fishing in Abu Dhabi. Can you guide me what are the things I need to do before go for fishing in Abu Dhabi. e.g.: fishing license, any other things required, any rules?)
2021 years ago by jerome
nuditha, check your mail regards
2021 years ago by mike_75
nice king
2021 years ago by SimonJames
Hi Jerome, nice one, is it the same bait (from previous pics and post) you are using to catch this? Keep em coming.
2021 years ago by jerome
Simon James, I used yozuri crystal minnow

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