🇪🇷 abu dhabi fishing by jerome
abu dhabi fishing


2019 years ago by roshanpokharel
hi Jerome, this is a good size grouper.. where in AUh is this?
2019 years ago by jerome
rosh, opposite Emirates Palace beside Marina Mall.
2019 years ago by Bloodyspurs
pre, text me if youre going fishing again ill join you if im free, what time you caught this grouper?
2019 years ago by jerome
pre, around 5:30 a.m. near Marina Mall.
2019 years ago by Tamim
Good Catch pre :) i am sure the rocks gave u hard time there..how many hamours did u catch in that place and is there a chance ull find different kinds of fish?
2019 years ago by jerome
Tamim, thanks for the comment, i was lucky i don't have a hard time pulling him even if there's a lot of big rocks. already caught two hamour in this same location, sunrise. you can catch also sherri and sea bream on the same spot depends on your luck lol.

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