🇬🇷 European Sea Bass by paraman007
European Sea Bass


5 years ago by dazzling79
4,300kg?? Maybe a little bit less than that^^ Great catch!
5 years ago by paraman007
Actually.....exactly THAT!
5 years ago by Mark Totzke
haha - I think dazzling79 was a bit confused with european measurements. Probably not familiar with the comma usage. In english it would be 4.3 kg or somewhat around 9.5 pounds. Great catch by the way!
5 years ago by dazzling79
Oh! Sorry
4 years ago by skakavac
Αδελφοί από την Ελλάδα, μπορείτε να μου πείτε αν υπάρχουν κάποια μέρη για να ciplija ψάρια (Κεφαλά) στην Παραλία Κατερίνας. Χαιρετίσματα από Ζόραν, από Λέσκοβατς της Σερβίας.

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