🇮🇩 Comeng At Ship Reef Pangkalpinang by arielmad_pkp
Comeng At Ship Reef Pangkalpinang


2022 years ago by markt
wow - what a strange looking fish. cool pic.
2022 years ago by arielmad_pkp
did it?... In Indonesia,pangkalpinang usualy we call it Cermin Fish Or AKA Comeng Fish. it is GT Family. And the Power is Crazy. i Need at least 10 Minutes to Hook Up This Fish to the Boat. i use live bait to catch this, squid exactly
2022 years ago by Roland
GT you got seems gave u a good fight. May i now wat line rating did u use and the type n the type off reel ( spinning or conventional)..Was the squid live or just fresh.. rig with the ink.? appreciate ur reply.. planning to do the same back n our country phil..
2022 years ago by arielmad_pkp
Thanks for appreciate my friend Roland. I usually use cheap Gear, hehehe. I cacth that fish with Bottom Fishing Style. Reel Type Daiwa Freams 4500J Made in Thailand http://www.knkfishing.com/pd-daiwa-freams-4500j-hardbodyz-spinning-reel.cfm (Cause in Our Island is Hard to Find original Made in Japan),with Varivas Vermax 30lbs monofilament line (http://www.plat.co.jp/english/line/varivas/strong.htm), Rod Lemax President Graphite Action Medium http://www.lemaxpro.com/rods/freshwater/prs.php, Bait Fresh Squid With Long Thin Slicing and someties i retrieve the reel slowly cause this fish is predator type. thats my experience fishing trip, and i hope thats can be useful for you my friends Roland. Nice to Share this to you
2022 years ago by arielmad_pkp
oh ya.. where do you came from my friend Roland? do you Have Photo and Fhising experience to share for me?

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