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2019 years ago by jerome
nice grouper, where did you catch this fish?
2019 years ago by jackuae
From Al bathin
2019 years ago by emraan707
Dear u catch this fish here in Abu Dhabi or some else place good fish dear............. please tell us and we need ur help to find this place....
2019 years ago by pm_me6
is that Lapu Lapu
2019 years ago by jackuae
Yeah.. I catch this fish from abu dhabi..(Al Bathin, End of the Etisalat Road) I got arround 7 in the morning..I Used Bait as a Frozen Sardine. This is Grouper in English( Arabic - Hamour ) (lapu lapu In tagalog) Thanks (If u need more information u can text here...)
2019 years ago by emraan707
Dear i m living in khaladiya near khaladiya mall. from here u can able to tell me the place pls. there is any restriction about fishing or any other problem. can u explain me on phone pls my contact no is 0559596914 or send me ur number i will call u or meet u about some guide. Thanks and good Fish Hamour did u try again on which day so we can able to join u.
2019 years ago by moath80
Hi my dear, nice catch it is very big fish please caould you tell me where is the location exactly; i live near Al Khaldya Mall if you can call me on my mobile 0505171737 OR send for me your Number i will call you with best regards,,, Moath
2019 years ago by the gentil man
hi Moath Are Still looking for a spot hhhhhhhhh Regards Yassine
2019 years ago by habibam
cooolllllllllllllllll man
2019 years ago by Meril
Hey Jack that is a Beutiful fish you have there ... what hook type/Size did you use to catch this ?? How many Lbs line ? let me know .. Congrats on ur catch !! cheers

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