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Yellow jack by garciae7


dazzling79 - Jan 8, 2019
OH! A great catch! Well done man! One more reason to go back to Korea for fishing. Did you go on a fishing charter in Pohang??
garciae7 - Jan 9, 2019
Yeah this was a buddy of mine who caught it but we had a blast. Can’t wait for summer though. Gotta find the place you were fishing at. It’s 19* so yo cold to fish right now.
dazzling79 - Jan 9, 2019
Yeah. Sounds fun when you and your friend caught that beauty. I want to try some boat fishing in Korea. We will visit our family and friends over there in May. Have you done any fishing around the west coast as well?
garciae7 - Jan 10, 2019
A long time ago 1990’s I went on a charter boat with a friend from LA. We caught Mackerel. Everyone was pulling them in.
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