🇰🇼 Big Subaity Jopards Kuwait by jopards
Big Subaity Jopards Kuwait


2020 years ago by habibam
very nice, which area in Kuwait?
2020 years ago by jopards
Just here in salmiya. Near kuwait scientific center.
2020 years ago by careless00045
That's awesome man!
2020 years ago by Malcolm
Hi friend I am new to Kuwiat and love fishing and wheredid you land this beauty? the bait seems to be mullets that you hve used. My name is Jude and cell no 99836852 would really appreciate you help as I miss my fishing and there has not been any good strikes here ..I use to fish in AbuDhabi for King and Cobia. Great catch Jopards
2020 years ago by jopards
welcome to Kuwait man... Yup, mullets are the best baits here. Caught this one here in salmiya near kuwait scientific center. you'll have lots of chance fishing for kings at around july. but for cobia, i have only one friend who caught one and it was really not that big. I haven't caught any cobia myself. So good luck on your next fishing trip...
2020 years ago by anwarshuja
hi joparsds which kind of food you are using during fishing. thanks
2020 years ago by Malcolm
Thanks Anwar will send you my picture with the cobia soon. thanks for the tip on the kingfish in july as in dubai the season is from sept to march or april.
2020 years ago by jopards
no prob @malcolm. fisherman looks out for each others back. cheers...
2020 years ago by jopards
Hey anwar, I use whichever is available. Live bait is better; mullet, small sardines or suri. But with this one I just used a fresh dead mullet. I just got lucky this big boy was passing by.

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