🇰🇼 Cobia caught at Gantoot AbuDhabi boarder by ja170961
Cobia caught at Gantoot AbuDhabi boarder


2020 years ago by markt
whoohaaa - what a fish! awesome
2020 years ago by habibam
very nice catch & nice spot
2020 years ago by mamitik
sir, how can we go there? its allowed to fish in Gantoot? Thanks.!
2020 years ago by Malcolm
Sorry Guys !! this place is closed for fishing now, lots of dredging work in the sea and regular visits from cops too.. We were chased out from there by the cops sometime in Feb..:) haven't been there since..
2020 years ago by ja170961
Gentlemen, now you know who my partner is in the picture it is none other then Malcolm ..yes heard the place is close that is why I moved to Kuwait and still need to find a suitable spot and land a fish ....
2020 years ago by jopards
Whoaaahhh!!! This is the biggest cobia I ever saw that has been landed. Great game man!!!!
2020 years ago by Ross123
Thats a perfect catch... When did you catch this? is it recently?
2020 years ago by ghaisudden
2020 years ago by ja170961
Ghaisudden & Ross thanks and this was caught in 2010 but now they have messed up the place..I see lot of Cobia here in the market so we have a great chance of landing them here too.
2020 years ago by dalchemist
2020 years ago by ja170961
dalchemist ...this is aCobia and it is good eating....
2020 years ago by Keyur
Hey Jude...until next time. Malcom....still visiting the beach or have you stopped for the summer? I have moved to fishier pastures :o) regards, Keyur
2020 years ago by Malcolm
Hi Keyur Not been going to the beach shortly, but i do go fishing every weekend.. i go to the open beach just after the jumeirah beach part (while coming from dubai to abu dhabi)its a rocky place, loosing lots of lines but get some good small sized fish .. also got a small baracuda and a foot long cobia too -- set them free:) where are you going ? would like to go to some new spots too.. let me know ..
2020 years ago by ja170961
Hello Malcolm/Keyur, good to hear from you ..we plan to go this weekend as got my car. seems Kuwait the season is good at this time of the year while in Dubai I found winter the best strikes... cheers lets know what happens this week when you go.
2020 years ago by Meril
Hey where did u catch this from ?? which place is it ?? what bait did you use ??
2020 years ago by ja170961
Hello Meril, This was on the border of AbuDhabi and Dubai.it is not a dam but a channel that the sea water comes in. the bait we used was live needle fish.This was in january2010, and was a great spot for King fish that I have caught there but now that place is closed to fishing because of construction.Where do you fish which country? I am now in kuwait and trying hard to find a good spot.
2020 years ago by santo
big fish ...........
2020 years ago by lancefernandes
Hi, Awesome. Looking for more action this season. Heard a lot about this 35Kg guy. Regards Lance
2020 years ago by ja170961
Hello Lance, Good to see you going with Malcolm...we have been fishing togather as kids and hv grown with this hobby. u guys are having a great time out there and I miss that. we plan to go out in Kuwait this week Jake my son and self..so wish us luck. cheeers
2020 years ago by lancefernandes
Hi, Yes it has been a good experience fishing with Malcolm. I basically started fishing for bigger species with Malcolm. Before that it was just small bream., snappers etc. You have a good time. Good luck to you and your son :) hope to meet you some day. Lines tight, more screaming drags. !!!! Cheers, Lance
2020 years ago by dsprash
Hi Lance, Do you know any good spots in Al Samha / AlRahba area ? The place that i mentioned is on the way to Abudhabi..these days every weekend we go out for fishing..Usually end up catching palm size fishes..Wanna try a real big one...Would appreciate your help. .
2020 years ago by lancefernandes
Hi Dsprash, Nope. No idea about spots around those areas. Regards, Lance

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