🇰🇼 Fish Head Swallow and like water Bubble by Imthiyaz Hajamaideen
Fish Head Swallow and like water Bubble


2 years ago by itsaboat
Even with this close up picture, I am still not sure what fish this is...That looks like a fungal infection caused by injury or a parasite. I am going to err on the side of parasite. I cannot see how an injury might happen so close to the head and spine and not be fatal. Although it could be caused by a virus. Unlikely, but a virus might cause this...Probably best to play it safe and NOT eat them :)
2 years ago by Imthiyaz Hajamaideen
Ya, Thats right , I threw it away. and eat the other one . but dont know the name of this fish.?
1 year ago by Christian Kawaii
Moi fish or glass nose. Its a good fish..

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