🇲🇾 Abandon fish pond near by by Abarai Renji
Abandon fish pond near by


3 years ago by sallad61
does that spine have poison?
3 years ago by Chris Symons
doesn't look like any venomous fish i know of. kinda looks like a bass tho and the spines of all fish suck to get hit by even if not venomous the slime could cause skin irritations if scratched. my hands are always messed up from holding salmon steelhead by the mouths
3 years ago by Abarai Renji
This is one of the most favorite fish to catch by casting technique.. In my country it call 'siakap putih' as known as barramundi. ???
3 years ago by sallad61
Make your way to Aus &try to catch one a metre long in the NT on a place called the Daly River?,keep fish mate.????

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