🇳🇷 Bottom fishing for reef dwellers by Ipia Darrel Gadabu
Bottom fishing for reef dwellers


1 year ago by itsaboat
I have never seen a set up like that before :0 I think that would definitely be illegal in Australia !
1 year ago by Ipia Darrel Gadabu
I believe Oz has got number of hooks restrictions. Nauru doesn't at the moment. This one is my 30 hook rig. They can go up to 100+. Its a traditional rig after the locals were introduced to metal wires etc from colonialisation.
1 year ago by Mark Totzke
Interesting rig. A bit like a Sabiki rig made out of wire. This could also be useful to catch baitfish of a wharf I imagine. If one was to use only a few wire strands for let's say five small hooks or so. Would be lot less tangly than a Sabiki. What kind of bait do you guys use?
1 year ago by Bentong
Nice catch...we got similar rig and it's called "Umbrella Rig" used to catch bait fish.👍
1 year ago by Ipia Darrel Gadabu
Baited with cut skipjack tuna, but milkfish works great if you can get it. Yup I've seen those umbrella rigs.. we have a few names for the different configurations like starfish or Christmas tree. Naming depends on the original designer and popularity then it gets adopted by the community.
1 year ago by Ipia Darrel Gadabu
Best name yet for one config that older than 50yrs is "chicken feet"

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