🇴🇲 Snapper - 11-12-2010 by roshanpokharel
Snapper - 11-12-2010


2020 years ago by Keyur
HI Roshan, Congratulations, I see you have been catching some decent fish around the place. I'm surprised to see a Mangrove Jack (MJ) here in Dubai. What is the water condition under Maktoum / Garhoud bridge. I stopped fishing here @ 3 years back when the water started turning brackish colour. Do you keep the fish or is it catch & release. best regards, Keyur
2020 years ago by Malcolm
Hi Roshan, Nice catch, Can you give me directions how to get to this place from bur dubai - Bank street.
2020 years ago by roshanpokharel
@ Keyur, water is still good however sometimes its dirty. We keep the fish when we catch. @Malcom, from Bur Dubai come straight towards floating bridge, continue straight and after you cross the last signal near Health care city, take the left turn towards Al boom tourist Village. Come behind the tourist village then you will see the the cars parked near the water. you are there.
2020 years ago by Malcolm
Hi Roshan, Thanks for the directions. Sorry, I saw your reply only last weekend, haven't been visiting this part of the site for long. I had been there last weekend but ended landing right under Groudh bridge. Is it the right place? Or did i mess up on the directions ? as i could not get so close to the was as your car seems to be parked.
2020 years ago by Malcolm
Any recent catches there?
2020 years ago by Ross123
Hi Malcom, We have stopped going to Garhoud now as it is very hot. We sit under Maktoum bridge every weekend now. Good catches every week.

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