🇵🇭 What kind of Fish? by Hunstman
What kind of Fish?


2019 years ago by snookeyes
Toad Fish
2019 years ago by walking worm
Its a ugly mother
2019 years ago by travislayne
looks similar to a flathead catfish, but is not...idk, never seen 1 before
2019 years ago by markt
prem caught one like this check this http://www.fishingreminder.com/component/subphotos/?view=imagedetail&photoid=107
2019 years ago by j_viz@yahoo.com
I agree. 100 toad fish. Don't ever get you hand by that mouth. Despite the small teeth, the bite pressure is unbelievable.
2019 years ago by roshanpokharel
Its a stone fish. It takes any bait like sardine, shrimps, etc
6 months ago by Basspro4200
Yes rock fish or stone fish poisonous...

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