🇵🇰 1 December Sunday by Syed Asif Ali
1 December Sunday


1 year ago by sallad61
hey syed in Australia if we were to keep any one of those fish it would be FINED by inspectors!, we are only allowed to keep a total of 20 fish& min27CM, 5 of some of those?.10,000$ fines
1 year ago by itsaboat
Sallad61, I understand your concerns and it is good to see such passion for doing the right thing. However, Syed is not in Australia. Syed does not even say how many people caught these fish. There is nothing to suggest that the local bag or size limits have been breached. You cannot expect people in other countries to abide by Australian Law.
1 year ago by dazzling79
Yeah, I believe they are not caught by a fisherman. But I think the small fish can live longer so we have more later on. We have one ocean in this world. Nature needs to be respected no matter where and what the laws are.
1 year ago by sallad61
Hey people we want any of our grand kids to enjoy what we did in the way of being able to catch fish,I`m not Not saying what Syed did was wrong ok just a hint that conservation is a good thing&yes other countries laws are different but if we can help pass the word of conservation is that not helping?.Syed may visit our shores one day too?. My Grandfather used to catch bream size of dinner plates& many of them at Forster years ago,now you can spend allday there &be lucky if you get 2fish1/2 a dinner plate,that is all that I was saying because I have seen it happen.I don`t judge anyone itsaboat but you may understand what I have seen happen to one of our best fisheries in N.S.W. Sorry if I offend anyone!
1 year ago by itsaboat
I agree with you. In fact it is good to see people concerned about our fisheries. The point is there is nothing to suggest he has done anything wrong. From what I see there are at least 3 people involved...2 in the photo and 1 holding the camera. What if there was 7 or 10 people in the group that caught these fish ?? A similar photo was posted a year or more ago. So I asked "do you have bag limits in your country" and the answer was "no". There might not be any legal limits in his country. Bill Gates was confronted in Australia a few years and asked why he pays so little tax in Australia (about 1%). His answer was to the affect - "I pay tax according to your laws, if you don't like the amount of tax I pay then change your laws".
1 year ago by Syed Asif
There is no such law in my country at this time. So I am not guilty, and thank you for the reminder. To release the small fish, I will care full next time.😉👍
1 year ago by Bubbles69
Hey Syed good to hear you have listened mate &no you did nothing wrong ok!.We all need to look after our fisheries or maybe no fish in future.🙏👍🐳🐬🐟🐠

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