🇵🇰 Alone trip Abdul Rehman Goth by Syed Asif
Alone trip Abdul Rehman Goth


3 years ago by Koolj
Wow good catch!
3 years ago by dazzling79
lots of them?
3 years ago by jblow51
You have taken everything with no thought of tomorrow! Overkill!
3 years ago by crispy
As if there is any fish left for others
3 years ago by Mark Totzke
still nothing compared to what the commercial guys take out when they rape the oceans but still seems wrong to take that much in one go. Is there no official limit on how much you can take?
3 years ago by Syed Asif
? this is Asians country no any rules there No humanity and no animal sorry this true
3 years ago by dazzling79
I am from South Korea, one of your "Asians country". We have lots of rules to follow to fish. The majority of people abide by the rules. Because we also love to preserve nature and keep the animals happy. Also, you can get big fines if you don't. We don't want to have any racism on this site. I live in New Zealand, I have seen lots of people even with kids catching undersized fish from their boats.
3 years ago by ingvard51
Human greed. Those guys are every were. Her in Denmark we have people taking 20+ rainbow trout home pr day. I know it´s from stocked lakes, but it´s still greed.
3 years ago by u sea mi
commercial overfishing is one thing but in my side of town, when we find the fish and hey are biting (which isnt very often) we take what we can. to many time ive been at sea and not catching jack,

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