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3 months ago by sallad61
dig up some live worms & fish where the fish are!.Oh try the lunar fishing times chart?it is a help too branco. good luck
3 months ago by Mark Totzke
Carp fishing can be tough. You need a lot of patience LOL. The most serious carp fishers start ground baiting their spots for a few days before they actually fish there.
3 months ago by branco21
sallad61 and Mark Totzke, thanks for yours comments, trying to help me. I'm doing everything what I can search for knowing what to do. But, comments like yours are a great help too. Thank you, again. 😄
3 months ago by Mark Totzke
sure thing branco. About a year ago I was traveling in Europe trying to catch my first carp. Took quite a while until I finally caught one. I had finally success when I started using sweet corn for bait.
3 months ago by itsaboat
I remember that. Yes, a bit over a year ago. I was at Greens Lake trying to catch carp on corn...but the buggers kept taking my worms :)

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