🇶🇦 My first Catch! by YH
My first Catch!


2020 years ago by Dax
It's a Tripod Fish
2020 years ago by YH
Thanks Dax! one more question for you: is this an edible fish?
2020 years ago by adil9p
This is tripod fish and normally not edible. We call it airoplane fish and make fun of the one who hooks it.
2020 years ago by YH
Thanks for the info... Hey don't make fun on me hooked such fish! I'm still new and this is my first catch. :)
2020 years ago by adil9p
Now you cannot run away! This is our rule who hooks it has to face difficult time. Ha ha ha, since you have done this mistake first time I will say only that due to your mistake your friends will not get any good catch!
2020 years ago by eDz
Hi.nice catch..its a family of popper fish and where catch this..thank u
2020 years ago by YH
I caught the damned fish from Doha Cornish.
2020 years ago by go_gambit101
Hello mate, Its a shortnose tripod fish... <a href="http://www.fishbase.org/summary/4562">fishbase.org/summary/4562</a> cheers
2020 years ago by m.khattab
Some times they call it leather jacket fish. Egyptian call it pig It's of no value at all. you can not even use it as cut bait.
2020 years ago by orville
we call it helicopter hahaha.. it can stand with those two limbs

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