🇶🇦 Cuttlefish from Al Thakeera by gbsolanzo
Cuttlefish from Al Thakeera


5 years ago by Bill V D Westhuizen
What do you do with the cuttlefish apart from bait?
5 years ago by Karyn Duel
Yum, eat it! https://www.delicious.com.au/recipes/chargrilled-garlic-chilli-cuttlefish/l0HGgPsZ
5 years ago by Karyn Duel
5 years ago by Karyn Duel
I haven't personally cooked cuttlefish however based on the above recommendations, if it's similar to octopus I find boiling it for 1 hour will make it nice and tender
5 years ago by Mark Totzke
I'd think that they probably taste pretty similar to squid, right?
5 years ago by dean_52
Boiled for an hour ? Must taste like sole, (from your shoe !)
5 years ago by Karyn Duel
haha, no it makes it tender (otherwise it would be like chewing the sole from your old boot) and then you start the marinating process per above recipe
5 years ago by itsaboat
Yeah it is the same as squid...you even catch them the same way as squid. Very good eating...same as squid. I have not looked at the above links (but thanks for posting, I will take a look later). Cooking is the same as squid - either very fast or long and slow. Go anywhere between and it will be worse than your boot soles !! I prefer hot and fast. A blazing red hot wok (make sure all your prep is done first cos this is quick !!). If your wok does not smoke oil instantly, it is not hot enough !!!...If it burst into flames it is PERFECT !! Stir fry...like toss constantly really fast, like you see in the movies. 20 to 30 seconds...go over 30 seconds and you will be looking at at least 1 hour boil to get the "tender" back.

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