🇷🇸 Zander by Aleksandar Apostolovski


2 years ago by Gloria van der westhuizen
What fish is that? We don't get them my neck of the woods
2 years ago by Mark Totzke
European Zander. Great catch! Fantastic eating. They are very similar to walleyes. Bit like a mix of perch and pike. Difficult to catch.
2 years ago by dazzling79
Very tasty one! We tried it in Germany! Not easy to catch. Got only one time during 3 weeks fishing trip.
2 years ago by Edwin McGrew
Do they bite like a pike or walleye were they pick it up an run then stop an when they begin to swim again you set the hook. If you doit on the first run you pull it out of their mouth. When they begin to swim off again they have swallowed the bait an the hook is set.

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