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KIng Fish by fishunter


buxmuhammad - Apr 21, 2015
Excellent catch !!! It was very windy last weekend. May I ask what bait did you use and what type of fishing rig?
Thanks, Muhammad. Riyadh
fishunter - Apr 22, 2015
Hi muhammad, the bait was live fish called KABASI and i used single ball bearing banax with 5.5 pilot rod. the line was no. 28 whissflash.
buxmuhammad - Apr 26, 2015
Thanks for the info.
I was in khobar yesterday. I tried fishing at the five fingers near the causeway.
It was very Windy and lot of dust.
Tried prawns, squid, earthworm and bread. No fish as usual .
Lupin - Mar 18, 2016
1st class fish in here
DrIsmail Haimour - Dec 1, 2017
Joseph you are the Best
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