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Unknown please help by Aidan Baboolal


itsaboat - Jul 17, 2018
The closest match I can find is yellowmouth grouper.

There is a fish that the locals call rock salmon, but it is not this fish.
Aidan Baboolal - Jul 17, 2018
jtmcadams - Jul 19, 2018
looks like a carp to me!
Aidan Baboolal - Jul 20, 2018
That’s what I thought but it has sharp teeth and I haven’t heard of any saltwater carp
Lumberjackm65 - Sep 24, 2018
Maybe it is a species of king fish the nose gonna be and body shape look similar and the diagonal striping also seems to match
Lumberjackm65 - Sep 24, 2018
It looks to be a species of king fish judging by the shape of the nose,fins and overall bost also the diagonal striping closely resembles the gulf king fish
John McCormack - Oct 7, 2018
Its a whiting. We catch them year around on the breach in Florida
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