🇺🇸 Tiny guy by Kim Cina
Tiny guy


2 months ago by itsaboat
Great catch...For a second there I thought you were holding up the dog haha :)
2 months ago by Mark Totzke
Haha, that's funny itsaboat. Yeah it does look like that.
2 months ago by dazzling79
Haha! I was gonna say that! A very nice dog!
2 months ago by Williefbrown
That’s almost worth fishing in the rain! That’s a very nice catch and having fun in nature is the whole idea.
2 months ago by Somody
Nice puppy treat.
2 months ago by Kim Cina
Best day. Pup gets so excited. Saw 2 copperheads too. Love my backyard.
2 months ago by itsaboat
Them copperheads are nothing to worry about :) Here in Australia where I live we have 3 of the top 10 deadliest. That is just the area where I live near Wagga Wagga....Brown, tiger and taipan. The browns are the worst, they are everywhere !! 2nd most toxic (land) snake in the world - but very short fangs.
1 month ago by skrat
That's awesome love the dog dogs face.

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