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My new ride


1 week ago by dazzling79
Wow! It’s a cool little fishing boat! What is the long white stick on the front? Looks like an electric outboard motor.
1 week ago by itsaboat
Haha, that is exactly what it is. A trolling motor.
1 week ago by Islandguy
At picture left, yes, a Minn Kota trolling motor. Along picture right (port side), there is a 16’ push pole, like they use when Tarpon fishing. Goes with the platform to the aft.
1 week ago by PT Edward fisher
Are you selling boats or catching fish? We're waiting for your first catch photos. I don't see any previous catches....
1 week ago by Islandguy
Wow! I just joined And only had the boat out once so far to try to learn the tech. Am I on a deadline to post? No boats for sale here. People keep asking me about the vessel so I thought I’d share it.
1 week ago by Islandguy
OK...posted a couple old ones.

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