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Big door mat flounder by JUSTGARY


waynehorne - Jan 30, 2015
What fish?
AllFish - Jan 30, 2015
Caught where ?????????????????????
guardman069 - Feb 26, 2015
"Nice flattie"? I'm sure you ment the fish.
markt - Feb 26, 2015
hahaha :-)
AllFish - Feb 26, 2015
THAT'S A BEAUTY .. The flounder I Mean !!!!!
Cheers Allfish New Zealand
2bFrank - Dec 16, 2017
nice all around, when did you catch her?
itsaboat - Dec 17, 2017
It looks like a halibut to me...I might be wrong, it might be a flounder.

I don't think Gary is going to answer you. He has not made a post for almost 3 years. In fact this photo was posted on the same day Gary posted his crab photo. He has never made another post since...It is a shame because he is a bloody good photographer !!

If you do happen to read this Gary, you are more than welcome to post photos (and comment on the Forum) and I give you my personal assurance that you will not be attacked by anyone.
Dean Keuning - Jan 15, 2018
now thats a real what I like to see!!!
Dniles - Feb 1, 2018
I’d eat that
Gary Crumley - Feb 7, 2018
Flounder 12lbs nice fillet stuffed with my crab shrimp mix
Gary Crumley - Feb 7, 2018
Sorry it took awhile
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