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Keeper by forrer


itsaboat - 09/20/2017 02:12
Not a bad catch !!...I bet she knows how to do a good grilling too :) :)
islandsurffishing - 10/02/2017 22:02
Nice Red where you fishing at?
forrer - 10/04/2017 03:27
Near dulac, Louisiana
islandsurffishing - 10/04/2017 21:10
Very cool. The area looks like where I am at in Galveston TX.
forrer - 10/25/2017 23:12
I know Galveston is some good fishin. I've fished for reds from a little west of dulac to the big bend in Florida and I like dulac the best. I've seen your pics and you catch some nice fish
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