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Sat Morning Big Red by islandsurffishing


hat - Oct 3, 2017
great catch, Wish I had reds to fish for
islandsurffishing - Oct 3, 2017
Thanks! Looks like you have some nice catches as well. Where are you located at? I am in Galveston TX USA.
hat - Oct 4, 2017
I am located in st. Ann Jamaica and I do mostly surf fishing
islandsurffishing - Oct 4, 2017
oh very cool so you live on an island as well. I would love to fishing in Jamaica some day :-)
forrer - Oct 25, 2017
Well that's sure a nice bull red. Hope you don't let work interfere with your fishing :-)
islandsurffishing - Nov 9, 2017
unfortunately it interferes all the time :-)
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