🇺🇸 Spot shrimp by RoyinWA
Spot shrimp


3 years ago by dazzling79
Wow. Interesting to know how you caught them. I love shrimps. I wish I could do it like you.
3 years ago by dazzling79
Thanks for the information. Your shrimp pallets is a great tip to catch shrimps as well as the spot.^^
3 years ago by RoyinWA
I used shrimp pots and used shrimp pellets soaked with Pautzke's Shrimp n crab boil then added a can of Mackerel and run it all through a meat grinder and put this mash in a bait jar wrapped in saran wrap and into the freezer. Dropped this frozen bait jar in two pots at 10 am in Hood Canal, WA. and by 12 pm had full pots up to 9 inch spot shrimp ...

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