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Big Red by islandsurffishing


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islandsurffishing - Jun 13, 2018
I live on Galveston Island TX
goperch - Jun 12, 2018
That’s a big one.
What state are you fishing?
Crankbaiter - Jan 19, 2018
superb catch
islandsurffishing - Jan 12, 2018
Thank you. My buddy caught one that was 45 inches the same morning. Crazy fun! He caught two black drums to go with his two reds and one of the back drums broke one of his Penn rods but he still got the fish in with half a rod. My other friend caught two reds one 35 in and 24 in.
hat - Jan 11, 2018
Great catch. Wish I had a chance at those.
islandsurffishing - Jan 9, 2018
Yea he was a fun catch for sure! Nice way to start of fishing in 2018.
itsaboat - Jan 9, 2018
Wow !!

I thought those 30 inchers were pretty nice...but this 40 is a real beast :)

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