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Big Red for the morning by islandsurffishing


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islandsurffishing - Jun 13, 2018
Fun times the bull reds run from like Oct to Dec. The water is cold but the fishing is good.
goperch - Jun 12, 2018
Wow that’s huge! Nice.
islandsurffishing - Jan 18, 2018
Thanks! Depends on the day. I usually fish in the morning on Sat when I don't have to work and if I am lucky I will get two or three this time of year. They don't surface much till I get them in close.
Crankbaiter - Jan 17, 2018
What a brute!!!!
Congrats awesome catch!
xkacela - Jan 17, 2018
How long does it take to catch one of those & how frequently do they surface?

If you have a website to recommend for your type of fishing, send me a link, please.

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