🇺🇸 manila and butter clams by RoyinWA
manila and butter clams


3 years ago by dazzling79
Yummy! Clam chowder or Aglio olio? I love clams
3 years ago by itsaboat
Interesting. In Australia we put them in fresh water to clean them out.
3 years ago by dazzling79
In New Zealand, I put them in seawater for overnight to get the sand out. Worked great, no sand.
3 years ago by RoyinWA
They are in seawater to spit out the sand...
3 years ago by Bill V D Westhuizen
lay them in Epson salts. that should give quick results.Works for me every time
3 years ago by RoyinWA
A old man told me he uses flour or baking power to flush them
3 years ago by dazzling79
A young man, my husband told me that too. However, I like to keep my way(seawater soak) to clean them. It feels more natural to me

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