🇺🇸 Red Drum by LindaHarper
Red Drum


3 weeks ago by dazzling79
Yoohoo! 👍great catch!!
3 weeks ago by itsaboat
Great catch, well done :)... But what is that in the top right corner??
3 weeks ago by kelpy
Looks like an osprey carrying a fish.
2 weeks ago by hat
Magnificent, that must have been a good fight. How much did it weigh?
2 weeks ago by itsaboat
I think you might be right...I was tossing up between aliens and some sort of white tailed sea eagle...But I think you are right, it's a bird with a fish :)
2 weeks ago by LindaHarper
Don’t know the weight, it was 48 1/2” long
2 weeks ago by Bear101
Man its been a long time cents I saw one that big,GREAT catch,The GODS smiled on you.

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