🇺🇸 23 lb flathead (36 1/2 inches) by Conley
23 lb flathead (36 1/2 inches)


2023 years ago by face71
Nice! Did you get that noodlin? If not, what did you catch him on? I never caught a hog like that before. I usually use live or cut perch.
2023 years ago by Conley
def not noodling! haha! I caught him on a live blue gill. Flatheads eat almost exclusively live bait. And for flathead, the bigger the bait the bigger the fish! My live bluegill was about 6-7 inches
2023 years ago by Conley
and as you can see from the spot on the left side of her head, she was caught right after they got off the beds
2023 years ago by travislayne
Thats a nice 1
2023 years ago by Reale
flathead catfish I assume,here in oz we got big lizards(flathead),but they dont have whiskers,just nasty toxic spikes either side of their head

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