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Fishingreminder Mission Statement

Our mission is to help you decide WHEN To Fish, WHERE To Fish and HOW To fish!

WHEN To Fish

At we predict and remind you of the best times to go fishing.

The bite times are based on the proven Solunar Theory, the Maori Fishing Calendar, Tide times and Local Fishing Weather. We also provide fishing times apps for Android and iOS which can work offline for when you are in areas without internet.



At we have a huge range of worldwide fishing spots and we provide a map to select and find fishing spots near you.

In our Youtube videos, we explore and introduce the best fishing spots around the world. At the moment our travels are limited to New Zealand due to Covid. But we will soon cover more countries. We also provide general tips on locating good fishing spots in our howto videos.


HOW To Fish

At we have articles with various fishing tips and howtos. We also have a forum to discuss fishing related questions.

In our Youtube videos, we explore different fishing methods from around the world, show you some tips and tricks, review various fishing gear, target different fish species and take you along to some of our fishing missions so you can see how we do it.


Our Youtube Channel: Fishingreminder on YOUTUBE

Our fishing times apps:

Android: Fishing Times Free for Android

iOS: Fishingtimes Calendar iOS



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