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How the moon affects bite times

moon fishing

Recently there was a very well written article in the New Zealand Herald's Fishing section about Best Bite Times or prime fishing times. The author Geoff Thomas explains in a very clear way how the Moon can influence the best times to go fishing.


He explains how Solunar Tables and the Maori Fishing Calendar function and also how tides are influenced by the moon. The bite times that you can find at fishingreminder are calculated after the outlined priciples in this article.


Interestingly towards the end of his article he also mentions how wind can influence fishing and that fish will not feed actively during easterly winds. I have heard this before somewhere: Winds from the east - fish feed the least, winds from the west - fishing at its best. From my experience there seems to be some truth in this.


Follow the link below to read the full article:

read the article


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