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The Advantages Of Fishing By Moon Phases

In early times people began to understand how numerous natural events coincide with sun and moon.

Especially early fishermen used their knowledge about moon cycles and phases to increase their fishing success.


Today the moon has just the same effect on living things as it always had. The fact that our daily lives are not affected by it as much as they once were does not mean that the daily life of animals isn’t.


Many fishermen today still use the knowledge about Solunar Times to plan their fishing trips and increase their catches.


Based on lifelong observations many well known sport fishermen use the solunar theory to their benefit. 

Also many Fishing Tour Operators operate on this theory and help their clients to catch more and especially bigger fish.


Particularly fisherman that can only go out once or twice per month will profit from choosing the right days and times wisely.  

They should also know what time is going to be the most productive time of their chosen day.


Most fishermen rely on tides to decide whether to head out fishing or not.

Obviously the tides are caused by the gravitation of Moon and Sun and thus are part of the Solunar Theory. 

The strength of the tidal movement is in direct correlation with the angle of Sun and Moon towards earth. 

During a full or new moon sun and moon are in alignment and their gravitational force is stronger resulting in higher tides. 

Stronger tides produce more water movement and therefore better fishing chances.


The moon phases tell the conscious fisherman what days of the month will produce best results.

But what is the theory behind the best times for each day?


Relating the Solunar Theory to the tides once again will tell us that the strongest tides in one day will happen when the moon is either directly overhead or underfoot (moon up, moon down)

The major periods last usually for about 1-2 hours around this time.


Now if we look out for the best (or major) times during a full or new moon phase there will most likely be great action.

It those times happen to be close to sunset or sunrise the action could be incredible.

Take your rod and go fishing on those days, it wont get any better!


The minor fishing times relate to moonrise and moonset and the feeding periods are a bit shorter.


Many serious fishermen have again and again verified the solunar theory based on their logs and experiences.

Yet still a lot of fishermen go out on their trip without knowing anything about the natural patterns around them.

By trying to understand and to follow those guidelines your fishing will become much more enjoyable.

And you’ll more likely come home with a feed or two, then just empty handed.


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